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Bumper Fields

A Bumper field is used to prevent certain types of grief within an area 5 blocks around a bumper block. All noteblocks are bumpers, which requires a redstone dust to make.

To make a bumper field, simply place a noteblock and it will automatically prevent others from:
  • Placing blocks
  • killing animals
within a 11m^3 volume.

To allow other players to bypass your protection , you can use the command /bumper allowall [name]. (This will also allow them access to your snitches). To allow players past an individual bumper, point at the bumper block and type /bumper allow [name].

The noteblock is still usable to play sounds. you can also disable all bumper functionality by crouching when placing it.

Bumper blocks can also still be destroyed if they find the block, which will disable any protection it provides.

Best Practices
  • Place the Bumper where it will cover the whole area of concern.
  • Place multiple bumpers if you need to cover larger areas.
  • You can type /bumper visualize to see the coverage area.
  • reinforce the bumper block itself.
  • If your covering an important horse ranch or something you may want to protect the 6 adjacent blocks around the bumper block as well as the bumper itself with iron or diamond.
  • Hide the bumper and its surrounding reinforcements in places that are unlikely to be discovered.