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XP Changes

Monster XP
The XP rewarded from killing monsters has been adjusted to 80% the normal rate on Anarchic Frontiers. Unchanged on Voluntaryist Exepdition.

XP Bottling
It is now possible to bottle your experience and trade it with other player. You simply use an empty bottle (right click) on an enchanting table with enough experience to bottle. It will create a bottle of enchanting. It takes about 9 bottles of enchanting to reach maximum level (30). You can also convert bottles of enchanting to emeralds, and emeralds into bottles of enchanting, which provides yet another way for people to earn alot of experience without grinding.

Repair Costs
Prior Work Repair Penalties are capped low enough to prevent items from becoming unrepairable. Repair cost minimums have been raised slightly on Anarchic Frontiers to increase difficulty.