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Radios allow for long range signal beacons

You can broadcast the location and a message for your city, shop, monument, landmark, house, or whatever you want!

Theres two parts to using it, the broadcast tower, and the handheld receiver (a compass)

Radio Tower

Build one of these to attract players to your location or to set a long range message of some kind.

They must be constructed as follows:
  1. The entire radio must be constructed above sea level.
  2. You start with an iron or gold block for the base.
  3. You must stack at least 4 iron bars onto the top as an antenna before it qualifies as a valid radio.
  4. The taller you make the antenna the longer range the radio will broadcast.
  5. The base of the radio needs to be powered.
  6. (optional) If you place a sign on it, the first line is the name, the remaining lines are the broadcast message.

Handheld Receiver

To recieve radio signals you need a Receiver, which is simply a compass. To scan for radio beacons simply right or left click and it will cycle forward or back through the list of radios that you're in range of. The arrow on your compass will even point to the tuned in tower!

Best Practices

  • Check your compass every now and then to see if any new towers have gone up.
  • Bring a compass if you go exploring.
  • Reinforce your radio array! (especially the base and lowest antenna blocks)
  • Set a descriptive name and message for your beacon
  • You can use a single lever to power the radio. (and any other redstone device)
  • Place reinforced blocks on the sides of your base to avoid someone placing a new sign on it (this can override your original sign)
  • Block access to your power supplier to avoid someone else cutting or switching it off
  • Never build a radio at a location that you want to keep secret!