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Voting is a great way to express your appreciation for the server, to help attract new players to venture into Anarchic Frontiers and, most importantly, to get Rewards!

Rewards are determined randomly, some will be of minor use or novelty, yet some can be quite valuable and rare. The value of the rewards also increases based on continuous voting streaks and voting milestones!

The sites you can vote at are:

You can also upvote the latest server thread on reddit. However, there is no way to reward upvotes, and you can only upvote once per post (every 2 weeks)

Getting Rewards

  • Make sure you spell your name exactly the same, CaSe Is SeNsTtIvE!
  • You can vote once a day on each site.
  • Each time you vote you get a reward.
  • That means a total of three rewards a day.
  • Voting sprees (voting many days in a row) gives you a chance at more valuable rewards!
  • When your total vote count reaches a milestones you will also be awarded unique prizes.
  • If you are offline when you vote, you may claim your rewards using the /vr claim command.

The Rewards
Rewards vary from simply things like food and clothes to diamonds, spawn eggs and powerful named items. Use the /vr rewards command in game for more details.