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No Cheating
Anyone caught cheating, using special mods to fly, find ore, or other unearned special privileges may be banned.

Encouraged Conduct

All players are encouraged to be considerate in chat. We have many younger players so please keep it clean.

Everyone is encouraged to respect standard homesteading practices even if they aren't block protected. This means if you can see that another player has been using an area, for building, mining, farming, etc, please give them the same consideration you would want them to give you, respect their claim and find unclaimed/unused lands.

Although player vs player is enabled on the server, it is not encouraged. It is deliberately left on to allow people to flex their own spontaneous defensive muscle in the face of aggression. So be warned, anyone who starts a fight may have many cooperative players showing up to help end it!

Discouraged Conduct

Begging for Ops, Admin, Moderator, Staff or Ranks
There are no special ranks, and we aren't looking for anyone for any administrative roles.

Advertising other Servers
If the server your advertising is so fantastic, get off of ours, and go play on yours.

Destroying and ruining others peoples efforts or harrassment with no intent other than to cause grief is strongly discouraged and in extreme cases may be bannable.

Raiding for plunder is a slightly less discouraged practice but still not well respected by other players.
It is not against the rules, however it may lead to be prison pearled by other players.