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In addition to the other more central features, there are numerous minor tweaks for convenience, playability improvements, challenge and just plain fun.

  • Trees will fall when chopped down.
  • Netherrack can ignite when broken.
  • Dirt and and Cobblestone fall when not supported.
  • Falling blocks can hurt you if you are hit by them.
  • Deeper underground the air becomes thicker, hotter, and has less oxygen, as a result you will become weak and fatigued the deeper you go.
  • Ice placed near lava will cause it to cool.
  • If lava mixes with redstone as it cools it will create obsidian (same as before)
  • Fires won't spread.
  • Fires destroy spider webs quickly.

  • Crop yields are lower and many factors lessen the chance of a viable crop, such as low light, growing underground, arid biomes (deserts, mesas, hell, nether) and unwatered soil
  • Water sources can't easily be moved

  • Gravel has a chance to drop quartz or gunpowder when broken in addition to flint (even when it breaks by falling)
  • Nether quartz ore has a chance to drop glowstone dust.
  • You can sit on chars (stairs) just like sitting in a vehicle.
  • Zombie villagers have a chance to drop items they may have had before they became zombies.
  • Cauldrons will fill an unlimited number of water bottles.
  • On death, you will be told the location where you died. No one else sees this message.
  • Enderman pearl drop rate is increased in overworld. (they can even drop double)
  • Enderman have stopped their block thieving ways.
  • Surface level creeper explosions are disabled.
  • Item Despawn time is increased to 10 minutes.
  • Zombie pigmen won't spawn at a portal.
  • Tamed animals can be given to other players by handing them the leash. (including horses)
  • Tamed Horses can only be used my their owners.
  • Monster Spawns are more targeted toward areas players are likely to interact with them.
  • Exiting a Vehicle while holding a weapon drops the vehicle.
  • Exiting Vehicles no longer puts you in far/random places. (minecraft bug)
  • You can /beamup to the shuttle from any clear flat place on the surface.
  • You Respawn with temporary protection, until you attack something.
  • Iron golems slowly regenerate.
  • Sponges can be found from fishing.