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Snitch Blocks

A Snitch block is used to “snitch” on those that enter a 21m^3 cube around the snitch block. All jukeboxes are snitch blocks, which requires a diamond to make.

To place a snitch block, simply place a jukebox and it will automatically record all entry by players into a 21m^3 volume and all block-manipulations that said players do inside of that volume.

To view the log of your snitch block, be within its snitch radius and type ”/snitch”(exclude quotes) into chat, and one page of the snitch-block's log will be displayed. To view another page type "/snitch more" and it will show the next page of log, assuming there is anything to show. If no player has entered the volume that your snitch-block watches, then there will be no log to display, thus it will simply not output anything to your chat.

To allow other players to see entry alerts on your snitch blocks, you can use the command ”/snitch allowall [name]”. This will also allow them to pass by your snitches without triggering them and will allow them to bypass your bumper field protection. To allow players past an individual snitch, point at the snitch block and type ”/snitch allow [name]”.

The jukebox is still usable to play music discs.

Best Practices
  • Place the Snitch where it will cover the whole area of concern.
  • Place multiple snitches if you need to cover larger areas.
  • You can type /snitch visualize to see the coverage area.
  • Use /snitch setname to give your area a custom name.
  • Diamond reinforce the snitch block itself.
  • Surround the snitch block by other diamond reinforced blocks.
  • Hide the snitch and its surrounding reinforcements in places that are unlikely to be discovered.
  • Check your snitch regularly to avoid it expiring (after 60 days they revert to a normal block.)