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Name Changes

Mojang Name Changes
Now that mojang is allowing name changes on accounts people can update their name on mojangs websites and log in. Unfortunately some of the unique mods on this server do not properly support UUIDs/renames! So for now, when you change your name, it will be overridden back to what it originally was until you complete the steps below.

Local Name Changes
Want to change your name to a name that is already taken or overwise unavailable through mojang? You can override your name on our server to just about whatever you want (subject to approval) Follow the steps below first to avoid problems.

In order for your Citadel and field protections to work after a rename, you will either need to setup a group for your new name, or reprotect/recreate them after you break into them on your new name. If you have no heavily protected chests or doors or anything and you don't care about switching them over to a group first, then skip to 6, otherwise you will need to follow these steps first:
  1. Create a new group for yourself ( /ctcreate <newgroup>)
  2. Add your new name to the group as a moderator ( /ctaddmod <newgroup> <newname>)
  3. Protect all of your chests and doors and important blocks to the new group ( /ctr group <newgroup> then punch all of your chests and doors with an empty hand)
  4. Add your new name to your bumpers and snitches ( /ps allowall <newname>)
  5. You can use /cti to double check the groups on your blocks
  6. When your ready to switch, Post on the Name Change Thread Here
  7. I will update your name as soon as I see your post and approve it.
  8. Afterwards, any remaining chests or blocks that you didn't add to a group you can simply break into. Hand protection takes 5 breaks. stone 25, etc as listed on the citadel page.
  • Beam down locations will be lost (beamdown before changing it if your somewhere hard to reach)
  • Other mods may also have issues that we haven't discovered yet. Hopefully nothing else serious..
As soon as I notice your name change thread request, I will verify my check list below, then I will update it, if you are in game you will need to relog to see the new name.
  • Don't try to take someone else's old name.
  • Don't pick something deceptively similar to an existing player.
  • You can't be one of the well known mojang developers ;)
  • Don't be currently pearled.
  • No extreme racial or sexual names.