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General FAQ

Q. What makes the server unique?
A. Anarchic Frontiers server presents a sci fi backed plot involving an expedition to colonize new worlds where several competing socio-political ideologies are in play. Voluntaryism, Statism, and Anocracy. How will followers of these philosophies interact with each other? will they find peace? trade? prosperity? or will it be a bloody spectacle! Write your own story in this unique, challenging and thought provoking environment!

Q. What is Voluntaryism?

A. Voluntaryism is a philosophy which states that all interactions in society should be mutually voluntary, and those actions which are not (coercion) should be abolished. It is a clarification on the concept of anarchy which recognizes that abolishing rulership must necessarily also prohibit the means of rulership: initiation of aggressive force. This concept is used to avoid the assuption that most people jump to upon hearing the word anarchy, which is chaos. A true anarchy (voluntarism) is one which recognizes that all attempts to rule, initiate force, or coercion are violations of human rights and have no place in peaceful civilized society. A simple idea with far reaching implications!

To find out more on voluntaryism please explore the following links:
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Q. What is the Statism?

A. Statism is a belief in the necessity of a governing body being imposed on society by force, to create and enforce laws, and protect people from internal and external threats.

Q. What is Anocracy?
A. Anocracy is a regime type where power is not vested in public institutions but spread amongst competing factions who vie for power over society and each other. Disputes over morality are pushed aside to be replaced by a might makes right political climate.

Q. What is Minecraft?
A. Minecraft is a fantastic yet simple multiplayer online game which allows for extraordinary creativity in an unintimidatingly simple world.

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