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Author Topic: Kalzel is Open for Settlers and Developers!  (Read 1356 times)

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Arhemadan The Holy Pterodactyl God

« on: June 20, 2016, 01:50:56 am »

Now that I'm somewhat back I'm deciding to reinvite newcomers to settle upon my real estate metropolis! We're starting to get packed, but there's still plenty of land to go around!

"Cool! How can I start?" Let's say you just joined here:

1. Get to know everyone else. (AKA Make your name Green)
2. Be involved.
3. Show me you can build!
4. Receive your invitation once 1-3 are satisfied!
5. Live in an apartment for a bit, and be nice to my residents Wink

TLDR: Earn my trust.

After that, you search out a spot, and depending where you will want to build my rules and expectations will differ, but rest assured I want it to look nice at a minimum Smiley Generally, try to remember this is a large city (See picture 2), and just don't do these:

1. Box shapes of less than 3 materials without some detailing.
2. Short buildings.
3. Too much wasted plot space.

"Roger that, but who's in charge?" I, Lynnch51, am the founder and top gun! [ego intensifies] But since I'm sometimes busy I have a chain of command you can rely on to make specific decisions for me, if I haven't been around for at least a day. In both the not-so-impressive language of Math, and in decreasing order of voice:

Lynnch51 > RamblinRose101 OR PhoenixJRL18 > BobwasGoat > Ravage1998 > vbelac > Jonin420 OR SavanahMile

To make some stuff clear, I also have an official zoning map! cool These zones are strictly enforced, and I will take serious action if you break my guidelines Tongue

Red: Nature Preserve. Absolutely zero building/mining.
Green: Downtown area, already developed. Absolutely zero building/mining.
Orange: Zen Area. Building allowed, but must be in harmony with the environment.
Pink: Not managed by me, AKA East Side. Ask before touching.
Blue: Managed by me and not so developed. Building allowed under my guidelines. Don't touch anything that isn't yours!
Purple: Unmanaged. I want it to be blue, but it's next to pink. Permission requires joint approval by me and Rose Tongue

Thanks for enduring this long wall of text. If you're still interested after this, good luck and have fun! Smiley

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