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Author Topic: The Gov's Minimansion, Renovated!  (Read 2909 times)

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« on: September 13, 2016, 09:46:42 pm »

After Meimaka's Classical Department of Out-of-Planet Matters learned of the recent discovery of their nearby moon, they sent out Kalzel's top scientists to examine the cold, bitter world up close. Afterwards, to their surprise they had found buildings, a crashed ship, a stargate, and most notably, not only life, but tiny civilizations native to the moon! With this knowledge they sent out biologists, anthropologists, linguists, archaeologists, diplomats and even traders!

The team gathered many samples of the world close, yet far. They found the composition of the habitable soils and caves, the lifestyle and language of the natives, and even buildings buried deep in the rocky caverns, where many of their past accomplishments could be preserved.

With this finding, Kalzel's governor, Lentza Erka Tunsan, knew his wisest choice would be to promote cross-cultural exchange between the peoples of Meimaka and the moon. With that, he ordered the Gozoka Construction Company to build the Kalzel Museum of the Moon as the 3rd Section of his minimansion!

These photos are the results:

1. Room 1's Redesign, with the redstone ore having been replaced with red nether brick to include all three dimensions! Also, the Ender Dragon has been included as a personal trophy for the Gov's numerous battles.

2. Room 3 Lower, Museum. Includes two trees excavated from within clay and ice, and some armor found in an underground ruin.

3. Room 3 Upper, Museum. Includes samples of the soil, as well as minerals, plants, tools, music, and what seems to be encapsulated animals, found in an underground ruin.

4. The new minimansion (middle), with the 3rd floor!

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