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Hey fellas,

Glad to be back after my time away (I didn't have a computer for 2 months while backpacking Canada!), and been somewhat busy since.

As some of you have already seen, I'm building a castle, a huge walled compound. vdrummer95 and Intangir have already built houses inside the walls, and there's still space left.

- Everything is walled off from hostile mobs.
- The entire castle is lit up using redstone lamps and one big circuit that turns on when it gets dark using a daylight sensor. No torches! The effect when the whole place lights up in the darkness is awesome. If you want lighting near/in/on your house just tell me where and I'll wire it in as soon as I can.
- Cow farm. Everyone who builds inside will gain access to the doors once I setup group reinforcement. Just re-breed.
- Various crop farms, same as above.
- Multi-colored sheep.
- Port access.
- Portal access with external portal encased within iron-reinforced obsidian. If you want access through the portal just ask and I'll add you to the group.
- Main castle gate is on a separate circuit with a portculis.

Note: Before building something inside or near the castle, please do me a favor and speak to me first just to make sure I haven't reserved the space for anything else. Also, buildings should be at least somewhat in accordance with theme (medieval castle) and preferably no higher than the surrounding walls.

Future expansion plans:
- Once all space has been filled up, I hope to expand the castle and create walled districts, anyone who wants to help in building these is welcome.
- I've started an underground portion.
- There's a purty sand island just off the coast and I was thinking of linking it up by bridge and building something there, such as a lighthouse for approaching boats.
- I'm currently building a closed (read: with roof and walls) railway in the nether to connect at least as far as Elef and New Haven. This requires a lot of iron and stone slabs, so if anyone wants to help and add to that just follow the existing design.

Anyway, looking forward to new neighbors!
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