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Author Topic: I've been playing Ark  (Read 3399 times)
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« on: February 27, 2017, 12:02:59 am »

ive been playing Ark survival evolved on ps4.. game is pretty ... paradoxical..

its one of the worst games ive ever played but its also mysteriously one of the best in alot of ways

the UI is absolutely garbage, i give it a -2 on a scale of 1 to 10

the graphics are a 7 or 8 (the way the engine renders i mean)
the frame rate is about a 4 (it varies between 10 and 15 frames MOST of the time.. its terrible, reminds me of playing halflife on my old 3dfx banshee)

the actual art of the dinos, and the world though are really pretty damn great, like a 9 out of 10

and the general sense of adventure and wonder you get, is a 10, you feel like your wandering around a bizarre alien world where you never know what to expect

the build system's capabilities are actually really impressive, you can build quite a bit of complex stuff, and nice looking stuff

unfortunately the interface for that build system is also about a -2 out of 10, its absolutely retarded..

i usually waste 3 or 4 times more material than i need on builds because the UI causes you to misplace, and misdestroy your builds all the fucking time.. there is a preview placement it will show you, but it often if not USUALLY doesn't use it, and instead places it some other random way..

the other day it misplaced my dino gate 15 times in a row.. out of 2 different directions.. 15 times it came up wrong.. most of those times the preview showed me right

one of those times the gate was at a 45 degree angle sideways.. like vertically falling over.. didn't even think that was possible. and dinogates cost ALOT of materials, it was like an hour of wasted gathering for 1 stupid gate..

so i don't know i can't really recommend it, and i won't since i hate it almost as much as i love it, but if you have it on ps4, add me on psn, intangir_v

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