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« on: November 03, 2016, 11:53:45 pm »

Hey everyone! I just wanted to remind folks out there that your always welcome on the server and also welcome to reach out to me and many others on here if you ever need an ear to listen. One of the best things about this server has always been the people on it, the relationships, and the community that i hope everyone feels like they are a part of, because we all built it together.

The world can be harsh and cruel or confusing sometimes, mostly because of the people in it, but even the lowest hard times are usually temporary, theres always things to look forward to and new experiences to brighten up your tomorrow. There are alot of wise and caring people who frequent the server and i hope those of you who ever need it know that you can rely on others to help you make sense of things when it gets rough, if not on the server than in your life, your family, friends. Just try not to ever suffer alone, us humans are social creatures and our bonds are what give us strength.

I hope I have made a positive difference in the lives of the people who have played here and intend to continue doing so, i feel like many of you are my younger siblings or even children somewhat and its important to me to know that i've helped in some small way. I know I don't play as much anymore but I still keep in touch and keep upto date with many of the goings on by talking to other players here, and reading the forums. I know from time to time everyone makes mistakes but just remember life is about learning, not already knowing everything. and about growing, not already having everything.

anyway i just wanted to put that out there.. see you on the frontiers Smiley

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couldn't agree more man

4 1/2 years ago this server changed my life permanently

it introduced me to philosophy, thinking for myself, teamwork, ideas about justice, what's right and wrong, it taught me how people react in certain situations, even though we're playing a game behind a computer screen, I've learned so much about the human psychology, bad and good aspects.

minecraft is the best game for stuff like this, which is why the server has lasted this long

you all are my second family, and I appreciate every moment I've spent on here

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Commander, you have always been my hero I remember when I first started on V2,
I logged into find my home burning in lava, and I kept re-spawning in lava.  I had no idea what to do then you showed up with water and supplies and saved me.    grin

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Stay Determined.

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Rest assured Tangy, I'm alive and well! Cheesy I wouldn't leave this place so abruptly, not with some of the stuff you and the environment taught me Wink

School's just the busiest I've ever had it in 6 years... I horribly overestimated my volunteer hours (to the point I'm actually going to school for a full 5 hours tomorrow to meet the minimum... which tomorrow's the due date of turning those hours in), and this is also the first time I've ever struggled to understand an assignment. I just want to pass this class with at least a C... Sad
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