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Author Topic: Traditional Etzoki/Alfashori Chicken Cookers!  (Read 1830 times)

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« on: December 04, 2015, 01:08:20 pm »

(Credit goes to Youtuber xisumavoid for the general mechanics. He's got a fascinating channel Smiley )

12-03-15 marks my third successful chicken cooker, Kalzel's Kansaga Emmi Model Quad Edition (Previous Cookers: Alfashor's Kansaga Maki Model Homestead Size, Etzokadan's Yawasaka Triple Edition) After almost 12 hours I thought "Hey now, I could build some of these for people wanting either extra food or a "Super-Totally Advanced Civilization, Duuuude" look. Let's do it!" ... For a profit, of course Wink

How it works: In one cell are two hoppers, one containing "Seeder Chickens" which provide eggs, and another containing "Cooker Chickens" which provide... well... themselves Tongue Through the magic of dispensers, they get brutally tortured in lava. But let's ignore that, cause now you can skip the cooking, and that means you get to gorge yourself on fresh yakitori 8 seconds faster than anyone else! And under my design, extra hoppers let more cells share the same chest. You know what that sh*t means? MORE CHICKEN!

For reference, it's going to take about this much for one cell:

2 Redstone Dust
1 Redstone Torch
1 Comparator
2 Hoppers
2 Dispensers
1 Lava Bucket
Any amount of Glass
A stack of building material.

If you want multiple cells that put all the goods into one chest, I will need an additional 9 or 10 hoppers per cell (Thankfully that includes the 2 hoppers required to make one cell.) and about 6-8 stacks of building material if you expect me to enclose 4 cells.

For labor, I'll let you negotiate. I don't mine but once every two weeks so... diamonds preferred :p

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