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Author Topic: Ruimerman wants to build a rail from TT to OC straight line?  (Read 1405 times)

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« on: December 02, 2014, 01:06:10 pm »

I was asked for my "permission" for something today.
for a rail from TT to OC, so I did not say yes I asked some questions.

All I could determine is that he wants to build at level 6 he feels there will be no bedrock in his way, he will take his rail thru any existing mine and home if he doesn't think it is a home.

I asked him the coords for his origination point in TT, doesn't know
the path coords he wants to travel, doesn't know
and where he wanted to come out in OC, that I got an answer to...

The only answer I got was the middle of OC, I told him NO.  

So for the record I do not approve a rail going under OC land into OC center of town, we do have a rail area and entrance on west OC, I did tell him that, but basically he has no real plan he just wants to dig til he hits us, again I am not okay with that.

I am happy to have a linked rail if he wants to build one, but the access at OC would have to be agreed upon.
The City of OC claims all its lands to bedrock, since our lots are so small the only direction our residents have are up or down.
As for our mines, no resident will be held accountable for accidentally blowing up rail in our mines.
not sure what he will do about mobs in rail, we did not get that far.

On a personal note I claim all my owned lands to the bedrock to keep anyone from building under me.
I was told this is why everyone hates OC and me by Ruimerman.

OC is the city most hit by griefers, it is a first place anyone goes, especially when they want to be a vampire, and because of past events it does tighten the borders a little.  OC is open to anything planned, but for me to say yes to this with THIS PLAYER who was asked to leave OC for digging up our walls repeatedly would not be wise.

Ruimerman, plan it out, give us the coords and there should be no issues once agreed upon

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I can't imagine a stupider waste of time. We have /beamup and nether roads for a reason.

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Well I did mention that but he wants a project he wants to build so I don't have an issue with that,
but I need an destination co-ordinance and would like to know the path of travel.  If he plans just a little he can keep from having any issues with folks.  Especially when Greatlibertyfox asked ruimerman where on the map TT was and he said to the LEFT? (basically west),  nope wrong try again that's Simon's canal.
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