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Author Topic: OC griefing and thefts  (Read 2011 times)

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« on: August 01, 2014, 08:06:34 am »

Peterdel11 player since V2 invited some friends, during their stay they just seem to kill one another
peter built a house and one other guy did gi4buk165.

First I noticed Battle_Axe_750 had chopped a tree, then let the sheep out, what i didn't know is he had blown up the oc Front gate and the corner of the outer wall. but he started acting like a jerk, I told him he owed me sapplings for the jungle tree he ruined and he called me some words thinking he was safe when he arrived at the imperial keep he told me to F my self and come perl him you B, instead i went to voluntaryist tower figuring this idiot would die thinking i'm running after him, and yup he sure did.  ran right to me trying to attack me, HE was the easiest to perl.

Now I was being chased by his friends every where i went infinity_bladex and gi4buk165 went,
they were waiting for me to try and place the perl in a chest.  what i did not know after 3 times of perling this guy was that he found a glitch and exploited it, he pushed me in lava Good armor saved me when he unglithced last time, then  Commander and Intangir were in play at this time.  only place i could put it was my shop chest, and infinite got caught breaking in there, i killed him, not perled but then i realized this was not his stuff it was locke_c's sword and diamond armor.  I just thought they were griefers, nope they were freaking thieves.  They blasted lockes home with tnt, stole all his stuff, killed his skelly horse, took all highest destroyers chests, broke into his place, broke into Jake timers house, Aracnights home in oc, broke doors off Harveyjohns old place, broke walls on guest houses, doors are public, and Broke into my home removing 5 chests, and new guy Zebrack.  They griefed all over town breaking random places taking bricks and cobble from roads and dirt here and there just to make it look trashy.

No idea who else got robbed, some stuff was returned by peterdel11 and infinity_bladex
I personally lost stacks of arrows, iron, a huge a mount a of every flower, I assume they just let the tress and flower despawn.

Battle_Axe_750 ** stupidest ring leader ever
Infinity_bladex alt Trololoskull  ** told me most everything rated out peterdel11
kxrider65 ** was coming to kill me
ringste22 & mangovision ( not sure if they got perled ) on wolves15 snitch
gi4buk165 still at large he and peter tried to break into intangirs chest with infinity's perl in it.

Starwolf62 - still at large, he came on with the group to kill me.
Frankdawgmuller was perled for just killing people, no idea if he is affiliated he was just a jerk killing new players, and ryker and I got nothing but threats from him so he can rot.
Ruybrandao, stole the last chest of recovered items from Peter out of his home, he and Rocking Viking built a house together, but I got nothing on RockingViking snitch wise.  They were the only ones on and they were talking about needing something to plug the hole that didn't fall.  Rockingviking stayed on last night with the gang that was coming to get me, until Ryker arrived with his friend Hayden, and said this is my friend and he is a bad ass, lol
they all started logging off, and he took his leave as well.  The entire time he sat in full iron armor with a death scyth.  Maybe just watching?   during the original perlings Ruybrandao lured me away screaming help help me, and he was not ever where he told me to go so. I'd say they are sneaky but they aren't, at all
They spent all this time worrying about me they could have gone to commanders perl vault and tried to break in, but they figured they would gang jump me then go for it.  One item i took out of my inventory was my axe and pick incase i was over powered by a large group. so jokes on them they would not have gotten anything but my armor sword, and a perl, and i got a backup set.

I would maybe lobby for all release except battle_axe_750, who is a punk and once he thought he was safe distance ran his mouth and was proud of his damages and theft.  The only issue I see is if they were release, what would they do??
Infinitey_bladex broke into Onxyhugo's place but did not get his chest they were well protected

All they did before this was kill each other , call each other names, and steal and destroy other peoples stuff, so apparently that is the game to them???.  I am sad about Peter he was trusted since V2.
We would have loved to have them play here apparently they got friends, but just stealing and destroying is not welcome. angry

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« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2014, 09:59:41 pm »

Summary of snitches in the OC area from all the griefing; from Jan 26-Aug 1, 2014

Battle_axe_750 –   I have him on several snitches breaking and blowing up several thing and infinite_bladeX with him same time;
Jungletree chopped in-spite of signs –snitch shows
Blew up OC front gate ( snitch shows) & corner of outer wall infinity stated
Sheep farm – released all sheep – block breaks battle axe 3:50
Head museum – battle axe with infinity and peter with him tried to place tnt4 times on road infront of museum per snitch
Peter broke road cobble block near museum
Peter breaking and placing dirt on road near museum
Savanah's home broken into by battle_axe_750, infinity_bladeX and peterdel11,  battle_axe_750 tried 54 times to place tnt, infinity broke 1 of my protected bumpers but still could not place. I have so many. Inifinity_bladeX tried to break a chest 114 times, 5 chests were stolen.
Highest Destroyers home broken into and ALL of his chests are stolen - Battle_axe & Infinity_bladeX multiple breaks looks like infinity got most of the chests.

Locke_c's home was robbed, bottom level was tnt'd, his  dancing cat killed, room destroyed - Battle_axe_750 set tnt, the group stole all of Locke_c's stuff, Locke_c armor and sword was recovered after killing infinity_bladeX he had it on him when trying to break into my shop to get Battle_axe's perl out.

Kxbuk165 – attempted kill on savanah, killing other players in his group, chased Savanah around while trying to store Battle_axe_750's perl in a chest with inifinty_bladeX.  
home above guest houses tnt's - Battle_axe_750 set tnt

OC Guest houses few blocks broken on public rooms -unknown

Ruybrandeao – killed sheep 7/31 9:20

Shangahi OC map - Tried to break glass pane – tf2nt 8/1 4:21pm – 13 tries
OC original gate torch holders - _swatman_ 3 break attempts 7/28 & broke cobble on bridge 5:46pm

Peta damages by _swatman_  - on snitch breaking a bunch of flowers and coco, but my snitch only covers as you go in the fencing is missing commanders snitch covers that

Jake Timers home broken into -not covered by snitch ( assume battles group by minor damages)
Arcanight's OC home - door broken chests missing
Harvey Johns home in OC - doors broken chest missing

If anyone else has something on their snitches let me know
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« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2015, 09:33:52 pm »

Peterdel11 has repaid his portion of the debit to me that he said he would.

I ask that commander release his perl and only his perl on AF.  Infinity bladeX never gave me anything towards his debit and battle_axe's.  Peter is on now on ship

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« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2015, 12:39:26 pm »

cool man, next time I'm on I'll free peter

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« Reply #4 on: January 05, 2015, 02:32:28 pm »

Thank you only peter, NOT  Xfinity_BladeX.  He never gave me anything on VE, he said he was mining and getting cows, never saw anything from him on VE.
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