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XP Changes

Monster XP
The XP rewarded from killing monsters has been adjusted to 80% the normal rate on Anarchic Frontiers. Unchanged on Voluntaryist Exepdition.

XP Bottling
It is now possible to bottle your experience and trade it with other player. You simply use an empty bottle (right click) on an enchanting table with enough experience to bottle. It will create a bottle of enchanting. It takes about 9 bottles of enchanting to reach maximum level (30). You can also convert bottles of enchanting to emeralds, and emeralds into bottles of enchanting, which provides yet another way for people to earn alot of experience without grinding.

Repair Costs
Prior Work Repair Penalties are capped low enough to prevent items from becoming unrepairable. Repair cost minimums have been raised slightly on Anarchic Frontiers to increase difficulty.

New Recipes

Several new recipes are available, some for convenience, others allow access to otherwise inaccessible items.

XP Potions give 1/16th of the XP you need to reach level 30, the max level.

Chain Mail


Horse Tack





Special Items & Blocks



Dyed Wool (all colors)


Snitch Blocks

A Snitch block is used to “snitch” on those that enter a 21m^3 cube around the snitch block. All jukeboxes are snitch blocks, which requires a diamond to make.

To place a snitch block, simply place a jukebox and it will automatically record all entry by players into a 21m^3 volume and all block-manipulations that said players do inside of that volume.

To view the log of your snitch block, be within its snitch radius and type ”/snitch”(exclude quotes) into chat, and one page of the snitch-block's log will be displayed. To view another page type "/snitch more" and it will show the next page of log, assuming there is anything to show. If no player has entered the volume that your snitch-block watches, then there will be no log to display, thus it will simply not output anything to your chat.

To allow other players to see entry alerts on your snitch blocks, you can use the command ”/snitch allowall [name]”. This will also allow them to pass by your snitches without triggering them and will allow them to bypass your bumper field protection. To allow players past an individual snitch, point at the snitch block and type ”/snitch allow [name]”.

The jukebox is still usable to play music discs.

Best Practices
  • Place the Snitch where it will cover the whole area of concern.
  • Place multiple snitches if you need to cover larger areas.
  • You can type /snitch visualize to see the coverage area.
  • Use /snitch setname to give your area a custom name.
  • Diamond reinforce the snitch block itself.
  • Surround the snitch block by other diamond reinforced blocks.
  • Hide the snitch and its surrounding reinforcements in places that are unlikely to be discovered.
  • Check your snitch regularly to avoid it expiring (after 60 days they revert to a normal block.)

Citadel is a block protection mod that provides a level of protection relative to the material used to create the protection. There are two linked concepts that Citadel uses to provide protection - reinforcement and security level.


A reinforcement provides protection to a block from being broken. Each type of reinforcement material provides a different number of protections, with a protection being used up during each block break event. For example, if you protect a glass block with an iron ingot, you will have to break the glass block 250 times before it is actually broken.

Security Level
A reinforced block which is considered securable (configurable but includes anything openable like a door or fence gate, and any containers like furnaces and chests) can also have its allowed access limited to the individual which placed the block or a group to which they belong.

Groups can be used to allow access to multiple people at once. You can create and manage several groups and give them permissions on your fortifications.


In this mode, a player can reinforce already existing blocks. To start, type /ctreinforcement (or /ctr) followed by an optional security level. If no security level is specified, blocks are secured at the private level. Once in this mode, hold a valid reinforcement material in your hand and click on the block to reinforce it. To prevent chat spam, only the first reinforcement is announced.

Single block mode
To provide feature compatibility with LWC, you can enter single block reinforcement mode by typing /ctprivate, /ctgroup, or /ctpublic. These are aliases for /ctreinforcement followed by the corresponding security level, with the exception that once a block is reinforced, reinforcement mode is disabled.

In this mode, a player can place blocks that are reinforced. This is useful for building reinforced structures, or placing a lot of reinforced securable blocks. To enter this mode, hold a valid reinforcement material in your hand and type /ctfortify (or /ctf) followed by an optional security level. If no security level is specified, blocks are secured at the private level.

In this mode, a player can easily see the status of all reinforce blocks by interacting with them. To enter this mode, type /ctinfo. (or /cti)

Can be active alongside any other mode. In this mode, the player will bypass all reinforcements that they are able to access, so that blocks can be broken normally. The chance that they will receive the reinforcement resource back is (durability / material strength). To toggle this mode, type /ctbypass. (or /ctb)

To reset placement mode to normal, type /ctoff (or /cto) This will reset your placement mode, security level, and turn bypass mode off. Normal mode actually does allow a minimal free level of protection.

None (default) strength 5
STONE has strength 25
IRON_INGOT has strength 250
DIAMOND has strength 1800

Best Practices
  • Fortify mode is best because it protects everything as you go, you don't have to go back over it afterward.
  • Place double checks while in fortify mode. It will add fortification to both sides of the chest, and since both sides must be broken on a double chest, it gives you double the protection!
  • You can fortify things you want others to be able to use in public mode, this way they can use it, but not steal it.
  • You might want to store your most valuable items/chests away from your other chests so they will be hidden by proximityhider and surround them in fortified obsidian.

General FAQ

Q. What makes the server unique?
A. Anarchic Frontiers server presents a sci fi backed plot involving an expedition to colonize new worlds where several competing socio-political ideologies are in play. Voluntaryism, Statism, and Anocracy. How will followers of these philosophies interact with each other? will they find peace? trade? prosperity? or will it be a bloody spectacle! Write your own story in this unique, challenging and thought provoking environment!

Q. What is Voluntaryism?

A. Voluntaryism is a philosophy which states that all interactions in society should be mutually voluntary, and those actions which are not (coercion) should be abolished. It is a clarification on the concept of anarchy which recognizes that abolishing rulership must necessarily also prohibit the means of rulership: initiation of aggressive force. This concept is used to avoid the assuption that most people jump to upon hearing the word anarchy, which is chaos. A true anarchy (voluntarism) is one which recognizes that all attempts to rule, initiate force, or coercion are violations of human rights and have no place in peaceful civilized society. A simple idea with far reaching implications!

To find out more on voluntaryism please explore the following links:
The Philosophy of Liberty:
V for Voluntary:

Q. What is the Statism?

A. Statism is a belief in the necessity of a governing body being imposed on society by force, to create and enforce laws, and protect people from internal and external threats.

Q. What is Anocracy?
A. Anocracy is a regime type where power is not vested in public institutions but spread amongst competing factions who vie for power over society and each other. Disputes over morality are pushed aside to be replaced by a might makes right political climate.

Q. What is Minecraft?
A. Minecraft is a fantastic yet simple multiplayer online game which allows for extraordinary creativity in an unintimidatingly simple world.

for more on Minecraft:
Minecraft Wikipedia entry:
Minecraft official website:
Minecraft wiki:

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