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 on: Yesterday at 03:45:36 am 
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 on: July 19, 2018, 10:36:30 pm 
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Its been a while...  I haven't played minecraft in who knows how long.  I wish I had more time to play because I miss all of you guys (and galls).

 on: June 15, 2018, 11:29:54 am 
Started by Intangir - Last post by Intangir
im discontinuing this one hour one life server.. i enjoyed it, i saw a handful of other people having fun with it

but the game itself is just not bringing in enough new INTERESTING content to make it worth me time to keep up with all of the updates and to continue playing the game, it has come stale pretty quick..

all of these pointless food updates are annoying me

its a great lovely game, worth the money, but of pretty limited playable scope so far.. very interesting experience, but one that loses its novelty quickly.. not enough to bother maintaining a server for it

 on: June 09, 2018, 12:26:04 pm 
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Early in the 21st century, it was clear that space exploration was no longer a way to posture for dominance among the nations, and so governments began to defund those programs. Private industry took over, and market competition drove battery and navigation technology to new extremes. The human race finally knew the truth: We were capable of anything. Anything at all that we truly set ourselves to accomplish, good or bad, if working together. Even God had to strike down the Tower of Babel to keep us from reaching Heaven without him, but now we had done it. We would spore out into the infinite black! What an era of hubris. We thought ourselves finally above the era and notion of gods. And then we stepped out and off the front porch. KALA. True mother, more than the oceans. We stood and knew that awe and wonder were also inherent inescapable truths of this existence. We knew that gods or not, even if nothing was sacred, nothing was not sacred.

This is not like the Third Renaissance. Young and idealic my wife and I had set out to make a home on Meiva, when almost immediately the infinite fires of Kala found a way to burn me. When I was struck with the virus, we resolved to make a life of it. Make the best of it anyway. She would tend to things in the day. I would come out in the dark of night, when the UV of our colony world would not singe the skin from me until I would tick with uncontrollable jerks of pain. Despite the benefits, the complications were more than she could bare. Before a year had passed in our new home, discord with locals and the pressures of a testing environment proved too much for young newlyweds. I don't blame her. And I'm sure she will rest well in the garden.

When your heart no longer beats to sustain you, and the scientists still don't fully understand how your nervous system works, it takes a little more to put you in true Stasis. I slept so long. I slept the sleep of the dead. I could swear in the deep of my sleep I could hear screaming, and then fire, and then the roars of a thousand beasts. And then the Deep Silence rang out like a gong. Clearing away the madness. Ushering in its own. Silence all the way down. Behind my eyes, I could feel it. This infinite black was not mother Kala. This was the godless deep. I exited to find the timer on my Stasis unit had broken. How long ago? I checked the towns and trade cities. Nothing. Just that ion fizz in the air, and the hiss of those cannibal beasts which can sustain themselves in feast of each other. The world itself is not lifeless, but its life is within that well of Deep Silence. That wordless groan, unreasoning and hollow. Has reason left this place? Has it left me? Even without the commuter ship, it wouldn't be hard to return to the surface and be beamed to another planet, another location, another world in the infinite black. One with the convenience of industrial enterprise. Away from the work of building the new. But I am one of the beasts now. I write these logs, but in my toils I groan wordless.

In my solitude, I have come to understand the true nature of the virus that drove away the colonists. No. I am not without reason because I am not without purpose. I leap from the mountain to the coal below without so much as the advantage of a water landing. Such things no longer trouble me. I embrace the silence and let it empty me. My task is always before my eyes. I can work indefinitely without food or sleep. There are no distractions. I swing until one pick gives out against the ores of this heavy world and switch immediately to the next. I am more steadfast than any stone. Yes, when all ends, I remain. I am the infinite. Emptied of ego, out of our own way, who are we? We are all of it. I have found the Cygnus of my equilibrium. We are neither lorded over nor godless wretches. We are the infinite black. We are the gods. Just as we must explore, we must create. The mortal changeableness, the turning of seasons and ways, the inefficient bunnytrailing, diversions, reductions. I no longer feel them. Just as I can no longer recall the sound of another voice. Undying, I crawl the depths of this rich stone. Tirelessly, persistently I construct. Even in a vacuum, this is what the universe does. It finds a way to life so that life can find a way.

How long? I don't know. I haven't thought in terms of days for ... there is only day and night. The night comes and the stars twinkle above the rain clouds. Stars.
Or ships?

 on: May 28, 2018, 04:23:41 pm 
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This thread is for the new One Hour One Life server im running. Its modded to make it much easier, it doesn't require a modded game client though.

One Hour One Life is a pretty interesting simple looking but kinda complicated and profound game found here:

To play on my server change these files:

settings/useCustomServer.ini to 1
settings/customServerAddress.ini to

The changes to game play are:

* You age at half speed so you live 2 hours instead of 1
* Double food bonus
* Hunger at half the speed
* No Decay for backpacks, clothes, carts, and baskets
* Eves can respawn in their own camp regardless of how old they are when they die
* Fruiting milkweed regrows again, and faster than old vanilla
* All water sources replenish after a minute


None for now, but if murder becomes a problem i'll either ban or disable it
Same general best practices apply here but aren't enforced.

 on: May 28, 2018, 02:19:09 pm 
Started by Intangir - Last post by Commander
yeah it's good to stay busy for sure, btw hope your family is doing well

but it's interesting you say that because I fundamentally disagree with the idea of finding "your purpose in life" in the way you're putting it.  Counterintuitively, the purpose of life is not to find your purpose in life.  There is no "your" purpose, the idea that oh, well, if I can find some righteous cause that makes me feel good inside and I dedicate my life to that, then that's my life purpose, is a myth and a lie perpetuated by culture, particularly a self-absorbed culture like the U.S.

My take on it is, life isn't about you or what means a lot to you or what makes you fulfilled and satisfied, rather it is about love, and expressing love toward others, serving one another, doing unto others as you would have done unto you, (which is the core of voluntaryism).  When we do that we are already following what Jesus Christ taught, to love your neighbor as yourself.

you may not share many of my religious views, but we're both voluntaryists, the principles voluntaryism and Christianity teach are pretty similar

 on: May 25, 2018, 10:36:47 pm 
Started by Intangir - Last post by Intangir
its nice to hear your out there doing things your passionate about

i don't share many of your religious views but i do recognize the importance of finding purpose in your life, and devoting yourself to a cause you think is important. It's good to know you have found ideas and goals to pursue that mean alot to you. thats what makes life worth the trouble Wink

ya i hope my minecraft server had a positive impact in alot of the community members lives. i think voluntaryism is a very empowering concept personally and socially

i did have plans btw for what i hoped would be an improvement on prison pearls, i just never finished them Wink

but ya i know pearls were fun and effective in alot of ways, but it also kept alot of new players from joining and learning how things worked on our server. but it was a big project and by that time i had apparently lost too much steam to finish my new system for keeping griefers away

 on: May 23, 2018, 09:33:27 am 
Started by Intangir - Last post by Commander

since the server became inactive like a year and a half ago life's been pretty busy, occupied with other things.

I'm entering my third year in college earning 3 associates, all in CIT, i.e. networking, cyber security, and systems administration.  over the summer I'm helping set up new computer labs at multiple campuses.

in my free time I'm doing a custom restoration of a 1976 camaro, will include pictures below.  just got it painted and been working tirelessly and meticulously, working every detail, for the past week.  I bet I've rewatched transformers 20 times going frame-by-frame on the scenes that car was in.  It is truly a labor of love though.

as far as this minecraft server goes, will I start playing again or not, who knows, it all depends. I have no interest in playing video games right now, that doesn't mean I never will again, and that doesn't mean that my property on the server is a free-for-all, so don't get any ideas you heathens wink

the main reason I played was because the concept of justice and how it played out in a voluntaryistic society.  the way justice use to be exacted was with prison pearls, where there was actually a way to punish/deter thiefs and murderers, but when they were removed there was no point.  that's what turned me off ultimately, the server was way more exciting when prison pearls was a thing, there's just no denying it.

I've also undergone a very special journey where I'm part of a core group of people that is planting a brand new church in our community.  our mission is to serve God and others by reaching the lost and unchurched.  our focus is on one specific area code and we have the opportunity to reach close to 18,000 people in that area.  the way we're going to reach them is, rather than sit behind brick and mortar and wait for them to come, we're going out into the community ourselves.  we're actually going to a local park this weekend to grill steaks and hot dogs and give them away.  things like that allows us to form relationships with people and possibly share the Gospel with them.

if you manage to get the opportunity to talk to a complete stranger about religion, you'll be amazed by the kind of responses you'll get, what kind of stories you will hear, even though I live in the part of the country that is termed "the Bible belt", you will still get negative and closed-hearted reactions, so be prepared for that. 

thinking back to when I first joined this server, which iirc was July of 2012, almost 6 years ago, I've grown a lot as a person, learned a lot, I look around and see other people my age (20) or younger, hardly anyone that age cares about philosophy or theology, what's the best political system, if any, what is truth, what is right or wrong.  and i think to myself, man, at 14 I was learning about voluntaryism, lol, on a minecraft server.. just crazy

for those of you reading this who are followers of Christ, and I know there are, pray not only for me, but pray for this new church and for the soon-to-be pastor

to close it off I'll say this, a community like this is rare, the amount of wisdom and life lessons that it has and could still impart on people in the future is vast and I do hope it will continue to do that.

 on: May 23, 2018, 01:27:52 am 
Started by Intangir - Last post by Intangir
well i haven't been playing much minecraft, server has become very inactive over time, its still up but its mostly a ghost town, i started trying to update it a few times but didn't finish.

Minecraft just kind of got old for me personally, its a great game and had a shit load of fun for years on it, but I got to the point where it felt like I played out all of the exciting content, and managing the server became like an unpaid side job after a while instead of a fun hobby like it had been for most of the time.

I'm not sure if anything will later rekindle my interest in minecraft, maybe.. not ready to decide if im actually done with it, so i'll just keep hosting it for now.

So what HAVE i upto lately? (just talking games here) mostly ive been playing Ark - survival evolved on PS4

the game is almost like a higher detail, much more challenging version of minecraft, with dinosaurs. The overall idea of the game is phenomenally awesome, the reach and potential is off the charts, the design is ambitious and innovative.

BUT the actual implementation is pretty half baked, its extremely buggy, feels like its in alpha years after its been for sale, and has dozens if not hundreds of costly issues that will waste your time, kill your tames, and lose your items...

That being said, its still incredibly fun, incredibly challenging and exciting, and pretty satisfying and rewarding survival gaming experience. I've actually been playing it for over a year now and I still enjoy it, but i do feel like i am getting burned out on it finally. I have pretty much done everything you can do, now im just breeding insane super dinos for lols.

In the last couple days though i discovered a new PC game that is sooo incredible. it reminds me of playing on our minecraft community and really illustrates some of the life lessons i was hoping would be highlighted on our server, lessons about economy, reciprocity, productivity and morality. The game is called "One hour one life"

I am in love with this game, its so incredible, that graphics are hilariously bad, and the game play is complex and short, but the adventure of it, the profoundness, and its touching sentiment have melted my heart Smiley I recommend it for the hardcore and/or social survival game player

I might setup a temporary learning server for myself and anyone else who wants to screw around and explore the building system.

I hope everyone else is doing well out there in the world, but if your not - remember, we all make the world what it is. and if it seems like life isn't going you way, you have the power to change things. You can change yourself, change the people around you, or change the way you deal with the unchangeable. Be the change you want to see in your life, and in the world, and don't be afraid to appreciate what you have.

 on: May 21, 2018, 09:50:15 am 
Started by JohnLennon1997 - Last post by JohnLennon1997
Yeah it was a nice time even though nobody showed. Good to hear from you Igloo  smiley

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