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Title: Database corruption fixed..
Post by: Intangir on August 04, 2020, 05:44:44 am
Apparently one of the forum DBs got so damn large it crashed the table and broke alot of things..

i don't know how long its been broken but no one has apparently posted for a LOONG time.. maybe it was because it was broken, i rolled back to an VERY old backup, since no one had posted anyway. it didn't even fix it!

so i had to manually recreate the table empty, everything else seems ok now

any password changes or new users will have been lost

the webserver seems to be fully functional again, minecraft server is also still up on 1.14.2, but everythings been preeeetty quiet.. i haven't been playing or working on it myself either

hope everyone is doing alright

Title: Re: Database corruption fixed..
Post by: Igloosnowbal on August 14, 2020, 09:31:21 pm
oh, so that's why the site never worked.
I think it's been that way since the spring at least
yeah I noticed the server's up, it's neat to go on and look around at stuff every once in a while
I appreciate that you're still maintaining stuff
hope you and everyone else is doing well, as well

Title: Re: Database corruption fixed..
Post by: Intangir on August 17, 2020, 07:02:16 pm
hey bud.. ya im not really maintaining it that much.. the server has some faulty hardware, i think its bad ram.. for like a year now.. but its 32 gigs in like maybe 4 sticks and i can't remember but they might be dimms? so in order to fix it id have to probably replace 16 gigs.. on an old board.. so .. i haven't done it..

instead im letting the software play russian roulette with bad ram and things randomly crash and break sometimes without me noticing for months...

thats why only the survey server is up at the moment, the others kept crashing, i know i have some good backups, but unless i fix the ram problem they will just keep crashing

no idea what im going to do with it long term.. so im just letting it limp along until i determine a better use for it