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Title: One Hour One Life - Custom Easymode Server thread
Post by: Intangir on May 28, 2018, 04:23:41 pm
This thread is for the new One Hour One Life server im running. Its modded to make it much easier, it doesn't require a modded game client though.

One Hour One Life is a pretty interesting simple looking but kinda complicated and profound game found here:

To play on my server change these files:

settings/useCustomServer.ini to 1
settings/customServerAddress.ini to

The changes to game play are:

* You age at half speed so you live 2 hours instead of 1
* Double food bonus
* Hunger at half the speed
* No Decay for backpacks, clothes, carts, and baskets
* Eves can respawn in their own camp regardless of how old they are when they die
* Fruiting milkweed regrows again, and faster than old vanilla
* All water sources replenish after a minute


None for now, but if murder becomes a problem i'll either ban or disable it
Same general best practices apply here but aren't enforced.

Title: Re: One Hour One Life - Custom Easymode Server thread
Post by: Intangir on June 15, 2018, 11:29:54 am
im discontinuing this one hour one life server.. i enjoyed it, i saw a handful of other people having fun with it

but the game itself is just not bringing in enough new INTERESTING content to make it worth me time to keep up with all of the updates and to continue playing the game, it has come stale pretty quick..

all of these pointless food updates are annoying me

its a great lovely game, worth the money, but of pretty limited playable scope so far.. very interesting experience, but one that loses its novelty quickly.. not enough to bother maintaining a server for it