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Title: Everything updated! working on some new ideas now!
Post by: Intangir on September 01, 2016, 02:13:49 pm
Ok so i have been updating/upgrading/testing/coding/patching and repeating furiously for the last 6 days to get everything back up to tip top shape

all of the worlds(servers) are upgraded to 1.10.2, all of the known bugs are fixed! everything is pretty much at 100%, stable, working, and fully playable! so there we are!

Furthermore I am looking to freshen things up with some new features and worlds soon, here is the list of my plans (same as before) for the future. (not really in any particular order)

* New survey worlds coming (first were going to explore a fairly simple world.. that probably wont be very habitable, after that i have another fun larger one that has a few interesting surprises you may discover over time)

* I want to merge world inventories. a few other plans depend on this. There are a few technical issues with this plan though that i have to work out. i have some ideas that will hopefully make this viable. This should also give survey worlds a bit more point to them because at least you can haul back your resources even if the world explodes or something.

* joint 'the end' dimension that is shared across worlds and reachable from anywhere (no point in having 5 different end dimensions on every world(server)

* Cross world portaling! i have a fun idea to make it so you can point to point beam from any world to another, without traveling through spaceships and space stations. It will be similar to the old stargate system back in the day, but instead you will build your own telepad like on the ships and use banners for addressing! the spaceport will be refitted for teleporting, and the ships will be refitted to deploy intergalactic relay station in deep space to relay the portal signals directly from player telepads to any other point across the intergalactic portal relay network! :)

* Might bring a few old worlds out of retirement if i can set them up compatibly to all host off of a single server. (if i still have protection data)

* new protection system revolving around golems to take care of bumper, snitch, and prison pearling necessities. they will be MUCH stronger than normal, will stop people from killing animals, will attack people who break protections, and will record all activity in their area like snitches. I also want to make that if you give them the heads of an enemy the will target them on sight to deny them access to an area. (this is a major undertaking and will probably not be available for quite a while)

* i also want to overhaul the citadel plugin to NOT use db, instead use local file system (makes it easier to manage and db isn't any faster) want to make it use uuids so name changes don't effect it, and want to make it take advantage of off hand materials as protections. and overhaul the permissions sytem (this would be a far off change after all of the others are done)

yep so thats the ideas i have in mind for the server, some of them are very long term goals, but if it comes together i think it will really make things alot of fun and simpler on the server

hope everyone is having fun and to see you online! :-D

Title: Re: Everything updated! working on some new ideas now!
Post by: SavanahMile on September 01, 2016, 06:34:24 pm
I have a WOLF  Shield!!

Going to look for polar bears on Mevia!!

Title: Re: Everything updated! working on some new ideas now!
Post by: vbelac on September 01, 2016, 10:59:39 pm

Title: Re: Everything updated! working on some new ideas now!
Post by: SavanahMile on September 03, 2016, 03:13:27 pm
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